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Friday, December 4, 2009

Point10 Campus Internship Program - 2010 !

At Point10 , We invite students from the various academic institutions, from management, technical and science, commerce backgrounds. Campus Internship Program fosters a multi-cultural environment within the organization. We also benefit from the diverse perspectives of a best-in-class talent pool.

As part of the Team Point10, you will realize your potential, while working on various High-impact Technology Products and high-quality customer-facing projects. You will be exposed to new and emerging technologies and business opportunities.

Internships are available @ Point10, Ahmedabad in Software Development Group ( Point10 Flagship Portals development, Mobile Applications, Innovative Business Applications, Web 2.0 etc.) and Business Consulting Group ( Market Research, Biz Development Consulting to SMEs, Marketing Campaigns, Cleantech Industry etc.) Projects during internship represent the core practices of Point10.

During internship training, you will enhance your leadership and communication skills, as well as get specific technical training to make sure your internship is a success! Throughout your internship, there will be additional training sessions available, focused on key skills and knowledge for your success in the profession.

Top 10 benefits @ Point10 Campus Internship Program - 2010 !

1. Explore Career Opportunities - By working in the field you have chosen, you can receive an inside look at your potential career path.
2. Find Mentors - They can inspire you to meet challenges and achieve success.
3. Work on Latest technologies and understand new business models.
4. 1 day a week to work on your own Idea.
5. Friendly Environment- We have a official CEO , Chief Entertainment Officer in Point10 :-)
6. Chance to win various Point10 Accolades ( Point10 Champion of the Week , Point10 Leader of the Month, Point10 Best Presenter etc.)
7. Rs. 1K travelling allowance to all full time Interns.
8. Leadership Sessions with Industry professionals every week.
9. Schedule Flexibility - Internship Program runs through the year, to suit academic calendars, Internship assignment ranges from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.
10. For successful interns, a full-time offer of employment @ Point10.

If you are interested in the Internship Program then please send across your Curriculum Vitae, and a general statement of purpose to indicate why an internship is being sought, and what is expected from the experience and areas of interest. The CV should be sent to:, and

To know more about Point10 kindly visit :

Best regards,

Team Point10.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 - Update !

It is rightly said, all that begins well, is surely going to end well, or shall we say, in Point10's case, all that has begun well, will hopefully continue to get better and better with each passing work week. This past weekend and more or less the last two weeks has seen Point10 Team members spring into action towards a successful launch of Technology Summit.

Our first public event was held on 8th Aug, which provided the platform for professionals to come forward and propagate the ideology of revitalizing how the education ecosystem can be transformed for the well being of the students by distributing books to needy/talented students. It basically showed the ETHICAL side of Team Point10, wherein we young funded needy/talented students’ education.

But we want our Youth to be Professionaly Competent as well. So to take our initives to the next Level we have created a platform to bring together Professionals and Educationist from across various industries to share their insights to prepare students for the future.

We were also very privileged to have a right startegic partner, Xcellon Insitute for our Student- Awareness initiatives.

The Xcellon Way : At Xcellon, education goes beyond giving facts and knowledge. We believe that management is a way of thinking and hence we focus on developing the key mental processes that enable a person to excel.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009

A big hall of Xcellon Institute, filled with 125+ students of various Engineering colleges from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mehsana, Baroda, Surat, Bhuj etc; along with 10+ professionals discussing on the surge of new Emerging IT Trends in the world and how students can prepare themselves for ever-chaning world of Information Technology.

On the 22nd of Nov’09, Point10 with the association of the Xcellon Institute, had organised the Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 with the motto of revitalizing education Eco-system and providing a new platform to the students of Gujarat. Various Professionals and Educationists from across the IT Industry with exp. From Yahoo, Sun-Microsystems, Infosys, Cognizant, iCUBIX, Radix Technologies etc were present to share their insights to prepare students for their future.

The delegates present were hardly people above the age of 30!!! This is what the India’s Gen Nxt is on to!!! The youth of our country, which represents 50 per cent of our population, is full of opportunities to make India competitive in the globalised world.

The summit was started by Mr. Jatin Chaudhary, CEO’s keynote regarding the Theme of the summit ( Be Aware. Be Prepared.)and on why one should work on something which they love doing.

Mr. Kunal Chaudhari ( VP – SDG @ Point10 ) and Mr. Kartik Iyer ( Mentor - BCG @ Point10 ) , explained the students on Emerging IT trends i.e. Web 2.0, ERP, Intelligent Systems and the importance of “OUT OF BOX” thinking in software development.

Mr. Puneet Thariani ( Mentor – Design Group @ Point10) talked about the importance of a UX ( User Experience ) and User friendly Design.

Mr. Pratik Mistry ( Technology Mentor @ Point10 ) explored the very important and relevant technology buzzwords ERP and DBMS giving the basic knowledge to the students.

Mr. Roopesh Madan, Vice President – IT,Finance @ Claris Lifesciences, talked about the various careers that IT students can pursue and which they were unaware of.

Mr. Umesh Solanki ( Mentor – Communications Skills @ Point10 ) described the importance of being multitasker. He said that one should not only go for specialization in just a single IT field. According to him, IT is not just adding labels to your already booming file of degrees. Students should try to be a Technologist along with acqurirng specialization in various fields.

Bhaumik Vasani, a 3rd Sem BE (IT) Student from CHARUSAT CHANGA, was awarded the Point10 Leader of the Month for his wonderful,informative research on Cleantech Industry.

Lastly Team Point10 talked about Point10 –Campus Internship Program 2010 available for finaly year students.

All sessions were highly interactive with lots of students taking part into conversations and at times asking tricky questions to the speakers. This shows the quality of students we have , its just that they are not exposed to the external world as they should be.

All the Participants were awarded with certificates and guests were honoured with a token of thanks.

The summit ended with a clear notion to the people “BE AWARE. BE PREPARED.”

There was a time when 10 by 10 meant 100%, perfection, A+, something to strive for but mostly never to achieve. Conclusively, the Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 was one such effort by Team Point10 to strive towards perfection.

This is just the start... their are still many more of it to come.

Coming Soon : Cleantech Summit, Healthcare Summit, Electronics Summit, Communications Skills workshop etc.

Best regards,

Team Point10.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 !

What is your Target ??

The world is changing faster than you think. Newer trends and technologies emerge faster than you can imagine.

Come lets explore this ever changing world of Information Technology !

Be Aware. Be Prepared.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 is the Student-Awareness Endevour organized by Point10 in assoication with Xcellon Institute.

It brings together Professionals and Educationist from across the IT Industry to share their insights to prepare students for the future.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 would cover topics ranging from Whats hot in IT world, Web 2.0, ERP, Computer Networking, Database Management Systems, Computer Security, Animation, Management in IT driven businesses and many more.

It would also provide an opportunity to Final Year students to enroll into Point10 – Campus Internship Program starting from Jan 2010.

Event Details:

Date: 22nd Nov 2009, Sunday

Time: 11.00 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: Xcellon Institute, Shrimali Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, India - 790503.

Target Audience: Final and Pre-final year IT/CE , MCA, MSc (IT) or anyone who would like to make a career in Information Technology.

Contact Person: Jatin Chaudhary ( +91 98983 21883)

Registration Form : Please visit

We do not charge any Fees from students for sharing our knowledge, but we expect quality people to attend this Summit.



Point10 is a company started by 1st Gen Entrepreneurs with Exp. from Yahoo,Microsoft,HP, Infosys, Motorola, Cisco etc for building a platform to bring every aspect of students’ life from Books to Mentorship, From Projects to Jobs without charging even a single paisa from students. Fore more detailed information kindly visit:

Xcellon Institute :

Xcellon Institute is an Education initiative of the founders of a global pharmaceutical company. Xcellon institute offers various programs in Management and healthcare which are unique in terms of their pedagogy and academic delivery. Apart from providing an industry orientation, it also focuses on developing the skills required for a students to become a successful professionals . For more details on xcellon programs kindly

Best Regards,

Team Point10.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Point10 Journey !!!

Point10 Vision:
“To help students gain practical exposure to real-world projects, become competent and ethical professionals while continuing their education.”

6 months have gone by since Point10 started making the first impression in the corporate, education and student hemispheres with certain ideas, goals and visions in mind. Let us just rewind back in time and go through this roller coaster ride for the past 6 months to see where we are at in terms of achieving certain success moments:

February – 2009
  • Idea To Create A Books Portal
  • Support From Leading Entrepreneurs And Educationists
  • Team Building
  • Featured In Leading News Dailies
April – 2009
  • Point10 started in a Cyber Cafe !
  • Diamond Workers Step Forward For Funding Books !
May/June/ July – 2009
  • Formation of Management Team (Jatin Chaudhary(Ahd),Hiren Panchasara(US), Parth Shah(Ahd), Jinesh Shah (Jamnagar) and Samkit Shah(US))
  • Selection of student coordinators from top 10 engineering colleges from Gujarat
  • Invited by FYSE, China To Nominate Point10 In Asia-Pacific Future 100 Leader Project
  • Point10 ties up with a Large Enterprise and gets the Office space in Ahmedabad
  • Point10 Model: 4 Flagship projects (,,, and 3 Business Groups (Business Consulting Group, Software Development Group, Event Management Group)
Aug/Sep- 2009
  • First Major Point10 Event attended By 250+ Students
  • Leading corporate houses come forward to support Team Point10
October- 2009
  • Selected amongst Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs from all over India In Yourstory.In MPEC 2009 Contest!
  • Visited Nirma University , DA-IICT(Gandhinagar), Atmiya Insititute of Technology (Rajkot), GLS (Ahd), and NIMCJ (Ahd) to share Point10 vision.
  • Now Point10 is a group of 50+ young professionals and 250+ students revitalizing the Education Eco-system !
  • Announcement of Point10 Accolades to be given to student leaders in Point10 for their contributions.

With so much of rains in recent months Point10 clouds are now clearing up and bringing in the splendid sunshine of success, progress and more importantly a noble cause on the right path.

Stay tuned for more updates to come from the month of October.

Best Regards
Point10 Solutions Team

Point 10 Accolades - Oct 2009

Going forward, the Point10 team has come up with this idea of felicitating the deserving people associated with Point10 for their contributions and hard work in keeping the ship steady and on track in order to achieve certain goals, benchmarks and milestones. This would help not only Point10 but also the individual in stepping up to the occasion and work more diligently towards the success of various projects.

With this notion in mind, this post features our first set of winners from the month of October. Some of the parameters to judge the person and it's work are as follows:
  • Value-creator
  • Pro-active towards projects
  • Positive attitude
  • Contributions in Training / Soft Skills sessions
  • Confidence in approaching assignments
  • Adding value to the table
  • Leading and Managing qualities
The judges are the Point10 Executive team and awards could vary from Movie Tickets, T-shirts, Books, Gift Vouchers etc ... The message in the prize is more important rather than the actual value of it. This would make sure that everyone is inspired towards putting forward their best foot and making those plans work.

The following students are our October month's winners:

1. Akash Domadia ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

2. Parthiv Ponkia ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

3. Rajesh Jodhani ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

4. Yash Patel ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

5. Dipak Panchasara ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

Congratulations to them for their hard work and setting an example of what can be achieved through diligent confidence, and exploring newer grounds.

To the rest of the team and students involved with Point10, this is just the beginning and we expcet more awards to be given out and you could be one of those people who can give Point10 a major breakthrough in their venture.

So now is the right time to stop being on the backstage and step your foot forward and take not only the vision of Point10 but your own career and outlook to the next level.

Keep up the good work !

Best Regards
Point10 Solutions Team

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recent Updates - Sept 2009 !

Point10 has been establishing itself in small amounts but with bigger returns in a lot of places for the past month. There have been many events and things to talk about but in a nutshell for our supporters following are some of the significant milestones that Point10 achieved in the month of September.

The month witnessed Point10 hosting a "Communication Skills Training" event in Point10's office in Ahmedabad. The event was held on a public holiday, and yet it showcased students coming from all parts of Gujarat only to move one step further and take the benefit of honing their vocal and written skills. The training sessions were done by two people from completely different backgrounds -
Kartik Iyer ( MBA –Sales Marketing, Founder –
Umesh Solanki (10th Pass , Sales Manager – Pulmonix Healthcare, and has been the Soft Skills trainer at International Call Centers)
The entire session was quite interactive where students were given the opportunity to come forward with their likes, dislikes, thoughts and express themselves for 5 minutes. A brief overview and in depth session was then help by Kartik, Umesh and Jatin (CEO, Point10) himself, imparting valuable information of how to proceed with changing one's personality, one's way of expressing through words on paper or through the spoken medium and a lot of other tips and suggestions of how to go about improving one's communication and interfacing skills.

Looking to the enthusiasm of all the students who were involved in this session, Point10 has now decided to organize such a session every weekend on Sundays at the Point10 office in Ahmedabad.

On the marketing side for Point10, there has been a major update in the month of September and it seems Point10 is on their way to a major breakthrough in terms of acvhieving another well-deserved milestone. This update comes as a major step for Point10's web presence, as the team who would be working on all the portals of Point10 is ready. A group of people has been selected to be a part of the Point10 Portal Development Team, and the members of this team come from all types of Software background spanning various universities across Gujarat. A total of 11 students have been given this opportunity of helping the Point10 Core Team Members and assisting them in making sure the Web Presence of Point10 is felt in a strong fashion through the 4 web portals:,, and

These students would be responsbile for developing and establishing Point10's portals and their mentoring would be done through various members from the industry who are associated with Point10.

In terms of the Business perspective, Point10 managed to bag their first project. Chaudhary Designers and Fabricators are Point10's first client and the team at Point10 is already enthusiastic about this opportunity of doing their best. The resources are being now discussed and assigned for this project, and through the completion of thie project, Point10 once again confirms their ideology and their goal behind this venture.

So the team is in place, Point10 is on track, the buzz is around, people are noticing our working and appreciating our hard work, and most importantly, students are gaining a lot of confidence and a stable platform to guide their career paths.

Best Regards
Point10 Solutions Team

Friday, September 4, 2009

Recent Updates - Aug 2009 !

Point10 is making waves through a lot of domains, and due to the hard work and diligent dedication from all those who are involved with Point10 the month of August proved to be a lot of success in various entities for the team.

There has been a lot of networking going on, especially from Ahmedabad team, who are on their feet, led by Jatin, working on all minor and major details about media people for coverage, about prominent industrialists for their help, suggestions and inputs, bringing new members on the board to help build a stronger platform for Point10 and more importantly spreading the ideology of Point10 venture. There has been great support especially from leading members of respected Mr. Narendra Modi's cabinet, the top 10 business groups in Ahmedabad and of-course amongst the young guns spanning acorss various colleges and disciplines.

With a great successful launch of Books10 portal and it's activities, Point10 is moving forward with yet another portal - Project10. The updates would be flowing in soon leading to another event launching this important aspect of Point10 and taking the venture one step ahead in achieveing it's goals. Project10 would be primarily focused on helping students come forward with their innovations, register themselves with their various projects online and thus create a forum of discussion, exchange of ideas and more importantly have a platform to show their talent to the world. For more details keep checking: Project10 Blog

Another important update currently underway is the selection of Point10 venture into the contest of "Most Popular Entrepreneur" floated by portal. Check out number 49 which displays Point10's profile, various comments and the most important factor - VOTES. This message is a request to all those reading this blog and following Point10, please register on YourStory and vote for Point10. (Comments would also be appreciated if you can drop in a line or two). The criteria to decide the winner is based on Number of Votes, Comments and unique IP clicks. So kindly vote for Point10 here: Click Here

And last but not the least, all this hard work and dedication should not go unnoticed. And so to applaud the contributions from all the student co-ordinators, Point10 team is going to felicitate them with a letter of appreciation. This letter, even though a small token of thanks, would surely be able to go a long run in making these co-ordinators feel a part of this team and inspire them to work even harder towards fulfilling Point10's mission.

Apart from these major events, there has been couple of students who have joined Point10 as interns to extend a helping hand on working towards the launching of Project10 and Education10 which is planned down the line. They would also be working on shaping the official websites to go live on the net for Books10.

So stay tuned, follow us, subscribe to us, vote for us and more importantly be a part of us in helping Point10 nudge their way through the mediums of education and revitalize it to make it a better envrionment for generations to come.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Event that launched Point10 !!!

It is rightly said, all that begins well, is surely going to end well, or shall we say, in Point10's case, all that has begun well, will hopefully continue to get better and better with each passing work week. This past weekend and more or less the last two weeks has seen Point10 Team members spring into action towards a successful launch of our concept.

Past weekend, Point10 held their first public event to come forward and propagate the ideology of revitalizing how the education ecosystem can be transformed for the well being of the needy students. The event was held at the AMA (Ahmedabad Medical Association) and approximately 150 people attended it, giving the team a much needed boost and inspiration to continue doing what Point10 believes in.

Of those who attended the event, was almost the entire team of Point10, those who live locally in Ahmedabad, and some flew in from other parts of India, there were members from the press to help Point10 swim through the channels of communication, there were mentors who form the core of our team and who would be responsible in carrying the Point10 concept forward, there were students who came with hopes of not being disappointed, their parents who came with a lot of heart to see their respective young sons and daughters get a helping hand in shaping their career, and most importantly some important delegates and prominent members of the industry to help give Point10 the cutting edge.

Point10 was thus launched on a big platform and all the previous month's hard work, diligent dedication and toiling by the team, was finally taking a respectable shape and the word was spreading fast. The team thus introduced the 4 important flagship projects of Point10, namely - Books10, Education10, Jobs10 and Projects10. The business group was also put forward to convey the message of how Point10 will be looking after the industry level experience for the students.

A brief message from the mentors, the felicitation of the student coordinators, the vision and future goals of Point10 until 2010 were some of the few tangents that Point10 managed to touch in great details to give the audience a wider outlook of our working. Some facts and figures are presented below as achieved by our team in the event:
  • 60 talented and needy students shortlisted from 6 engineering colleges spanning 11 branches were distributed books for the 1st semester under the Books10 Project vision.
  • 20 mentors, some localites and some who flew down from other cities gave their brief experience about Point10.
  • Approximately 150+ students, alongside 20+ prominent faculty members from various colleges were present for the event.
Overall, Point10's launch was a great success, and the happiness was shared by the most important blessings that we got from parents of those needy students who were delighted to see their young one's overcome a minor yet important obstacle about the books, and move ahead in their respective career.

Before signing off, the entire team of Point10 would like to thank gratefully all those who were able to attend the event (Students, Parents, Delegates), all those who have worked hard behind the screen (Student Volunteers, Coordinators, Mentors), and further would extend our gratitude to the following prominent members of the society for their great support:
Mr. Sushil Handa (Founder - Claris Lifesciences)
Prof. Anil Gupta (IIM-A)
Dr. N V Vasani (Vice Chancellor – Nirma University)
Dr. K Kotecha (Director – Nirma Institute of Technology)
Mr. Hemant Pandey (CMD – Deepak Cements)
Mr. Niraj Lal (Head – SHARDA Trust)
Mr. Shiv Dugal (Founder – ICRI)
Mrs. Vinita Deshmukh (Editor – Intelligent Pune)
Mr. Anantkrishan Gopalkrishnan (Deputy Editor – The Hindu ,Chennai)
Mr. Ajit Kumar (President - The Oceanic Group)

On another note, a special vote of appreciation for the executive team of Point10, namely, Jatin Chaudhary (CEO), Hiren Panchasara (CTO), Jinesh Shah (VP-Business Consulting Group), Parth Shah(VP-Event Management Group) and Samkit Shah(Head of Communications) for putting in a lot of effort to make this event a great success and thus bring Point10 one notch higher on a bigger platform.

And last but never the least, a final vote of thanks to the following people who took out time from their busy schedules and not only graced the occassion but also took out time to say a few words as quoted below:

Mr. Shyam Sharma (VP-HRM, Claris Lifesciences):
“During our time we didn’t have mentors, if we had them then we would have gone places. And I don’t know whether Salman Khan’s Dus ka Dum has Dum or not, but this 10 for sure has all the Dum in the world. We will always be with Team Point10.”

Mr. Pradip Jain (Managing Trustee of Vishwa Samwad Education Foundation): “I hope Team Point10 carry on the amazing momentum that they have shown so far to help students.”

Mr. Rawat Basant (Senior Journalist – The Telegraph): “Young people are not supposed to do all these kind of activities, but this is really inspiring to see so many Young People are coming together to help society and provoke others to do so.”

With this words of appreciation and a successful launch of Books10 project through this event, now comes an even more important part for Point10 - to work on other visions including Projects10 and Education10. So stay tuned to our blog for more updates and see your help put to good use.

Please feel free to post comments, ideas and/or suggestions to help up improve in our endeavors.

Event Snaps - Click Here (Created by Point10 Team's College Members)
Education Gaps Presentation - Click Here

Best Regards,

Team Point10.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Invite - Revitalizing The Education Ecosystem Event !

As most of you know by now, Point10 Solutions is organizing their first major event in Ahmedabad to launch their concept, promote their vision and more importantly reach out to a lot of people to get the ball rolling.

Keeping things short, please click on the link below to check out the invitation, and as said inside, Point10 Team would be greatly obliged to see you all at the event. Your presence and motivation is highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Updates - July 2009 !

Point10 Solutions Team members have been going through a lot of activities trying to get everything together in one place and keep the vision on track. Long nights, email follow ups, phone calls, working on articles and more importantly trying to reach people and thus promote Point10 requires a lot of pain, dedication and perseverance, and of-course patience to see the fruits of such a hard work ripen and pay off.

Well to update the avid followers of Point10 following are two of the most recent positive updates that we have received and would like to share them with the community:

(A) FYSE Requesting Nomination of Point10Solutions
FYSE, which stands for, The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship, is into the activity of identifying, motivating and pursuing young entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific division thus nurturing them and their ideas for the future.

FYSE is organizing the Asia Pacific Future 100 Project (Click Here for Details), and has requested Point10Solutions to file for their nomination due to our group's positive social responsibility type portals. Also as Point10 could fall under the young entreprenurial organization, it makes us eligible to participate in this project of FYSE.

For more details:
FYSE Website: Click Here
FYSE Blog: Click Here
The Jury: Click Here

(B) NRAI (News Online) Collaboration with Point10 Team
News online, a bilingual news portal, has shown their interest to setup a team consisting of members from the Point10 group and their own NRAI group to cover certain activities in Gujarat. This comes as a great boost for all the students who are a part of Point10 and have their eyes set in the domains of Journalism, Mass Communication Management and Technology.

These kind of contributions would serve as a backbone in making the Education10Project of Point10 a reality and to take it forward. This collaboration would take place between Point10, NRAI and Radiance Media, and would serve as a great platform to promote Point10 and in a way help all those who professionally would be involved with different members of these groups in setting up their base in Gujarat. Not only people involved in this activity would get a chance to tone up their journalism skills, but they would also get a chance to interview the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi.

For more details:
NRAI (News Online) Website:Click Here
Radiance Media Website: Click Here

As always, Point10Solutions Team has been working round the clock in realizing their dream and shaping it to reality.
We look forward to your conitnuing support and the team is thankful to all those who have responded with their valuable suggestions and comments.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

Saturday, July 25, 2009

About Point10 Solutions - The Dream !

The world today thrives on education, and with no guarantees in life or for the current economies, knowledge is surely bound to take an individual to higher peaks and greener pastures in some way or the other, down the road. Right from day one when a baby is born, he or she has been churning different aspects of learning and educating their own mind.

A child, just as they grow physically, needs to flourish mentally too. A brain termed as the most amazing creation ever made by God, observes, learns and digests infinite things on a daily basis. If we have been blessed with such facilities to help grow our knowledge and have been given multiple opportunities to make our careers and fulfill our goals, it is a God’s gift and should surely be respected. But have we ever thought about giving something back to the society, to the world where we currently live, to the place which has been gifted to us due to our good Karma? Why not make this world a better place, a land where no one is deprived of their dreams to see themselves up on the top.

There are a certain few amongst us, who in spite of having the necessary acumen and the much needed heart to progress in life and gain success, are forced on a back foot due to certain aspects thus hindering their path towards enlightenment and depriving them of the education and knowledge that we all are a part of.

The youth power that we have in India, can surely stand shoulder to shoulder with the advanced nations of the world and we have heard a lot along these lines from all over the world. In-spite of traveling on the path to achieving great economic success, we still lag behind in certain aspects, Education being the foremost concern for a modern India. A land where a youngster has to drop out of college simply due to lack of funds and proper amenities is a stigma upon the whole country which boasts of premiere multi-million dollars corporate houses and individuals who have made a great mark all around the globe. It is we, who need to take a step forward and stop that young person from dropping out of college simply because he or she cannot afford the books, or lacks proper directions to drive his/her career towards to a certain goal.

· Dr. Abdul Kalam: “The resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation.”
· Nandan Nilekani (On problems faced by India currently): “I think the lack of education, I think there are a lot of young people who are not getting good schooling. Today the right of education is going to be the key for next 20 years.”
· L K Advani: “Let’s Empower Young India to Build Stronger India.”
· Sonia Gandhi: “If we achieve our objective, many thousands of young men and women will receive the benefits of higher education. They would be in a position to contribute to the development and progress of the country.”

Quality and Affordable Higher Education for Youth is the most important piece of the puzzle towards building a strong Nation.

With this concept, heart and a dream of our own, Point10 comes forward to you, through which, hands can come forward to reach out to such students who in-spite of having the correct number of intelligent cells in their brain, are not able to fulfill their dream of moving forward through college and higher education, either due to lack of books, equipments, facilities or simply lack of support and guidance. Through Point10’s various other mediums, one can surely choose his/her strongest quality and put it to good use to help the needy students.

With this note, we, the team at Point10, hereby call upon all the responsible citizens to come forward and help us, help the students and above all help your own self, to join hand in hand and embark upon a journey of changing how the word Education is referred to in India and thus make a mark, either small or big. Remember, we are just a medium, it is you who needs to be the savior.

Our Visions:

Point10Solutions: The parent portal, bringing together every aspect of a student’s life from Books to Education, from Projects to Jobs. This is the Point10Way of saying that we care.

Books10: A portal to help the needy students procure help and support for their continuing education through books from seniors and other students who are willing to help.

More Details: Click Here

Jobs10: A portal to help the fresh graduates or students amidst their college studies procure part-time jobs and projects to work upon, even while managing to finish their education.

More Details: Coming Soon

Projects10: A portal to help students interact, come forward with their ideas and a medium for the experienced professionals to help these students gain practical exposure to real-world projects while continuing their education. Innovation is the key.

More Details: Coming Soon

Education10: A portal to discuss, blog, post and talk about either a needle or a Boeing 747. Not just another social networking site, but a premiere Educative Networking medium.

More Details: Coming Soon

We look forward to a pleasant collaboration and your valuable support to help us bring our dreams to reality.

Best Regards

Point10Solutions Team

Friday, July 24, 2009

Words Shaped to Action, Students Efforts and a Brand New Office !

The time has arrived, where months of planning and patience, would finally pay off. A day, when we would be able to capitalize on all the words and convert them into actions. With this small step comes a big responsibility, and with that comes more inspiration and the urge to move forward.

Point10 Team has planned the first major event “A Step Towards Revitalizing The Education Eco-system!” on 8th Aug 2009 at in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The team looks forward to meeting all the interested citizens who are willing to come forward and make us realize this dream of ours and help us shape the future of Education in India. It took nights of planning and phone calls and a tremendous effort from all the members of the Point10 team in organizing and putting forward this event. Members ranging from Students and Volunteers to Industry Professionals and Mentors has played, are playing and will play a significant role in making this event a success, and more importantly carrying the Point10Solutions message across which states: "Revitalizing the Education Ecosystem".

The Agenda:

1. Distribution of Syllabus Books to 100 Talented/Needy Students (From 3rd Sem) studinyg at various Engineering Colleges across Gujarat. Kindly Click: Books10 Solutions for more details.

2. Introduction to 25+ Mentors from various domains of the industry. (Industry Professionals with 4+ work experience in sectors like Engineering, Sales, Marketing etc.)

3. A brief overview on Point10Solutions dream of Revitalizing the Education Eco-system!

4. Introduction to various Mini-Enterprise concept of Point10Solutions like Business Consulting Group, Event Management Group, Software Development Group etc.

The aim behing these small business groups is to bring on board some professional experience for the students to work with. These portals would aim in recruting Students who are interested in gaining exposure to the real-world like situations on real-time projects all along with their routine course of studies. In addition to that, it would also help these students gain some financial support to meet their personal expenses and give them a sense of responsbility. Flexibililty would be the key here to accomodate student's study and work hours.

As rightly said, "We might not do Good Business, but We will do Business for Good”

You can register yourself for the event on the web @


Facebook Event:

We extend our gratitude to the following people who have put lot of efforts and spent their valuable time and energy in order to help the students. These people have defined our message of pro-actively helping and taking the initiatve to drive forward.

Dipak Panchasara (CITC), Utsav Talati (AIT), Mayank Kothiya (NIT), Shalin Rabadia (NIT), Ujjwal Talati (IITE), Tirth Patel (CEC), Jignesh Rawal (IITE), Aesha Shah (LDCE), Akash Domadiya (NIT), Pradip (DDIT.

For more on the people behind the screen who are working hard to shortlist talented/needy students from various engineering colleges check out this link: Student Co-ordinators list.

With one step at a time, our next aim is to organize a similar event across different cities with Rajkot next on the list. The expected dates would fall somewhere between 20th to 25th August of this year.

Hard-work, perseverance and dedication does pay off in installations. And one such moment of success came with a major development for Point10Solutions, as we can now move into our new office location on C G Road, after operating from a Cyber Café for 3 months. This would give us a great boost and inspire us even more as it lets us display our efforts and more importantly spread our motto across the community. This would also enable us to be more organized, disciplined in our endeavor and would bring more focus and planning on board.

With this, Point10Solutions, would like to formally invite you all to this event and be a part of our family, our team, our event, our venture but most importantly your dream.

Details of the event:

Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Ahmedabad Medical Association
Street: Near Natraj Cinema, Ashram Road
City: Ahmedabad, India.

Best Regards

Point10Solutions Team