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Monday, October 19, 2009

Point 10 Accolades - Oct 2009

Going forward, the Point10 team has come up with this idea of felicitating the deserving people associated with Point10 for their contributions and hard work in keeping the ship steady and on track in order to achieve certain goals, benchmarks and milestones. This would help not only Point10 but also the individual in stepping up to the occasion and work more diligently towards the success of various projects.

With this notion in mind, this post features our first set of winners from the month of October. Some of the parameters to judge the person and it's work are as follows:
  • Value-creator
  • Pro-active towards projects
  • Positive attitude
  • Contributions in Training / Soft Skills sessions
  • Confidence in approaching assignments
  • Adding value to the table
  • Leading and Managing qualities
The judges are the Point10 Executive team and awards could vary from Movie Tickets, T-shirts, Books, Gift Vouchers etc ... The message in the prize is more important rather than the actual value of it. This would make sure that everyone is inspired towards putting forward their best foot and making those plans work.

The following students are our October month's winners:

1. Akash Domadia ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

2. Parthiv Ponkia ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

3. Rajesh Jodhani ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

4. Yash Patel ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

5. Dipak Panchasara ( 7th Sem B.Tech. (IT) – Nirma University)

Congratulations to them for their hard work and setting an example of what can be achieved through diligent confidence, and exploring newer grounds.

To the rest of the team and students involved with Point10, this is just the beginning and we expcet more awards to be given out and you could be one of those people who can give Point10 a major breakthrough in their venture.

So now is the right time to stop being on the backstage and step your foot forward and take not only the vision of Point10 but your own career and outlook to the next level.

Keep up the good work !

Best Regards
Point10 Solutions Team

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