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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recent Updates - Sept 2009 !

Point10 has been establishing itself in small amounts but with bigger returns in a lot of places for the past month. There have been many events and things to talk about but in a nutshell for our supporters following are some of the significant milestones that Point10 achieved in the month of September.

The month witnessed Point10 hosting a "Communication Skills Training" event in Point10's office in Ahmedabad. The event was held on a public holiday, and yet it showcased students coming from all parts of Gujarat only to move one step further and take the benefit of honing their vocal and written skills. The training sessions were done by two people from completely different backgrounds -
Kartik Iyer ( MBA –Sales Marketing, Founder –
Umesh Solanki (10th Pass , Sales Manager – Pulmonix Healthcare, and has been the Soft Skills trainer at International Call Centers)
The entire session was quite interactive where students were given the opportunity to come forward with their likes, dislikes, thoughts and express themselves for 5 minutes. A brief overview and in depth session was then help by Kartik, Umesh and Jatin (CEO, Point10) himself, imparting valuable information of how to proceed with changing one's personality, one's way of expressing through words on paper or through the spoken medium and a lot of other tips and suggestions of how to go about improving one's communication and interfacing skills.

Looking to the enthusiasm of all the students who were involved in this session, Point10 has now decided to organize such a session every weekend on Sundays at the Point10 office in Ahmedabad.

On the marketing side for Point10, there has been a major update in the month of September and it seems Point10 is on their way to a major breakthrough in terms of acvhieving another well-deserved milestone. This update comes as a major step for Point10's web presence, as the team who would be working on all the portals of Point10 is ready. A group of people has been selected to be a part of the Point10 Portal Development Team, and the members of this team come from all types of Software background spanning various universities across Gujarat. A total of 11 students have been given this opportunity of helping the Point10 Core Team Members and assisting them in making sure the Web Presence of Point10 is felt in a strong fashion through the 4 web portals:,, and

These students would be responsbile for developing and establishing Point10's portals and their mentoring would be done through various members from the industry who are associated with Point10.

In terms of the Business perspective, Point10 managed to bag their first project. Chaudhary Designers and Fabricators are Point10's first client and the team at Point10 is already enthusiastic about this opportunity of doing their best. The resources are being now discussed and assigned for this project, and through the completion of thie project, Point10 once again confirms their ideology and their goal behind this venture.

So the team is in place, Point10 is on track, the buzz is around, people are noticing our working and appreciating our hard work, and most importantly, students are gaining a lot of confidence and a stable platform to guide their career paths.

Best Regards
Point10 Solutions Team

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