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Friday, September 4, 2009

Recent Updates - Aug 2009 !

Point10 is making waves through a lot of domains, and due to the hard work and diligent dedication from all those who are involved with Point10 the month of August proved to be a lot of success in various entities for the team.

There has been a lot of networking going on, especially from Ahmedabad team, who are on their feet, led by Jatin, working on all minor and major details about media people for coverage, about prominent industrialists for their help, suggestions and inputs, bringing new members on the board to help build a stronger platform for Point10 and more importantly spreading the ideology of Point10 venture. There has been great support especially from leading members of respected Mr. Narendra Modi's cabinet, the top 10 business groups in Ahmedabad and of-course amongst the young guns spanning acorss various colleges and disciplines.

With a great successful launch of Books10 portal and it's activities, Point10 is moving forward with yet another portal - Project10. The updates would be flowing in soon leading to another event launching this important aspect of Point10 and taking the venture one step ahead in achieveing it's goals. Project10 would be primarily focused on helping students come forward with their innovations, register themselves with their various projects online and thus create a forum of discussion, exchange of ideas and more importantly have a platform to show their talent to the world. For more details keep checking: Project10 Blog

Another important update currently underway is the selection of Point10 venture into the contest of "Most Popular Entrepreneur" floated by portal. Check out number 49 which displays Point10's profile, various comments and the most important factor - VOTES. This message is a request to all those reading this blog and following Point10, please register on YourStory and vote for Point10. (Comments would also be appreciated if you can drop in a line or two). The criteria to decide the winner is based on Number of Votes, Comments and unique IP clicks. So kindly vote for Point10 here: Click Here

And last but not the least, all this hard work and dedication should not go unnoticed. And so to applaud the contributions from all the student co-ordinators, Point10 team is going to felicitate them with a letter of appreciation. This letter, even though a small token of thanks, would surely be able to go a long run in making these co-ordinators feel a part of this team and inspire them to work even harder towards fulfilling Point10's mission.

Apart from these major events, there has been couple of students who have joined Point10 as interns to extend a helping hand on working towards the launching of Project10 and Education10 which is planned down the line. They would also be working on shaping the official websites to go live on the net for Books10.

So stay tuned, follow us, subscribe to us, vote for us and more importantly be a part of us in helping Point10 nudge their way through the mediums of education and revitalize it to make it a better envrionment for generations to come.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

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