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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Event that launched Point10 !!!

It is rightly said, all that begins well, is surely going to end well, or shall we say, in Point10's case, all that has begun well, will hopefully continue to get better and better with each passing work week. This past weekend and more or less the last two weeks has seen Point10 Team members spring into action towards a successful launch of our concept.

Past weekend, Point10 held their first public event to come forward and propagate the ideology of revitalizing how the education ecosystem can be transformed for the well being of the needy students. The event was held at the AMA (Ahmedabad Medical Association) and approximately 150 people attended it, giving the team a much needed boost and inspiration to continue doing what Point10 believes in.

Of those who attended the event, was almost the entire team of Point10, those who live locally in Ahmedabad, and some flew in from other parts of India, there were members from the press to help Point10 swim through the channels of communication, there were mentors who form the core of our team and who would be responsible in carrying the Point10 concept forward, there were students who came with hopes of not being disappointed, their parents who came with a lot of heart to see their respective young sons and daughters get a helping hand in shaping their career, and most importantly some important delegates and prominent members of the industry to help give Point10 the cutting edge.

Point10 was thus launched on a big platform and all the previous month's hard work, diligent dedication and toiling by the team, was finally taking a respectable shape and the word was spreading fast. The team thus introduced the 4 important flagship projects of Point10, namely - Books10, Education10, Jobs10 and Projects10. The business group was also put forward to convey the message of how Point10 will be looking after the industry level experience for the students.

A brief message from the mentors, the felicitation of the student coordinators, the vision and future goals of Point10 until 2010 were some of the few tangents that Point10 managed to touch in great details to give the audience a wider outlook of our working. Some facts and figures are presented below as achieved by our team in the event:
  • 60 talented and needy students shortlisted from 6 engineering colleges spanning 11 branches were distributed books for the 1st semester under the Books10 Project vision.
  • 20 mentors, some localites and some who flew down from other cities gave their brief experience about Point10.
  • Approximately 150+ students, alongside 20+ prominent faculty members from various colleges were present for the event.
Overall, Point10's launch was a great success, and the happiness was shared by the most important blessings that we got from parents of those needy students who were delighted to see their young one's overcome a minor yet important obstacle about the books, and move ahead in their respective career.

Before signing off, the entire team of Point10 would like to thank gratefully all those who were able to attend the event (Students, Parents, Delegates), all those who have worked hard behind the screen (Student Volunteers, Coordinators, Mentors), and further would extend our gratitude to the following prominent members of the society for their great support:
Mr. Sushil Handa (Founder - Claris Lifesciences)
Prof. Anil Gupta (IIM-A)
Dr. N V Vasani (Vice Chancellor – Nirma University)
Dr. K Kotecha (Director – Nirma Institute of Technology)
Mr. Hemant Pandey (CMD – Deepak Cements)
Mr. Niraj Lal (Head – SHARDA Trust)
Mr. Shiv Dugal (Founder – ICRI)
Mrs. Vinita Deshmukh (Editor – Intelligent Pune)
Mr. Anantkrishan Gopalkrishnan (Deputy Editor – The Hindu ,Chennai)
Mr. Ajit Kumar (President - The Oceanic Group)

On another note, a special vote of appreciation for the executive team of Point10, namely, Jatin Chaudhary (CEO), Hiren Panchasara (CTO), Jinesh Shah (VP-Business Consulting Group), Parth Shah(VP-Event Management Group) and Samkit Shah(Head of Communications) for putting in a lot of effort to make this event a great success and thus bring Point10 one notch higher on a bigger platform.

And last but never the least, a final vote of thanks to the following people who took out time from their busy schedules and not only graced the occassion but also took out time to say a few words as quoted below:

Mr. Shyam Sharma (VP-HRM, Claris Lifesciences):
“During our time we didn’t have mentors, if we had them then we would have gone places. And I don’t know whether Salman Khan’s Dus ka Dum has Dum or not, but this 10 for sure has all the Dum in the world. We will always be with Team Point10.”

Mr. Pradip Jain (Managing Trustee of Vishwa Samwad Education Foundation): “I hope Team Point10 carry on the amazing momentum that they have shown so far to help students.”

Mr. Rawat Basant (Senior Journalist – The Telegraph): “Young people are not supposed to do all these kind of activities, but this is really inspiring to see so many Young People are coming together to help society and provoke others to do so.”

With this words of appreciation and a successful launch of Books10 project through this event, now comes an even more important part for Point10 - to work on other visions including Projects10 and Education10. So stay tuned to our blog for more updates and see your help put to good use.

Please feel free to post comments, ideas and/or suggestions to help up improve in our endeavors.

Event Snaps - Click Here (Created by Point10 Team's College Members)
Education Gaps Presentation - Click Here

Best Regards,

Team Point10.

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