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Saturday, July 25, 2009

About Point10 Solutions - The Dream !

The world today thrives on education, and with no guarantees in life or for the current economies, knowledge is surely bound to take an individual to higher peaks and greener pastures in some way or the other, down the road. Right from day one when a baby is born, he or she has been churning different aspects of learning and educating their own mind.

A child, just as they grow physically, needs to flourish mentally too. A brain termed as the most amazing creation ever made by God, observes, learns and digests infinite things on a daily basis. If we have been blessed with such facilities to help grow our knowledge and have been given multiple opportunities to make our careers and fulfill our goals, it is a God’s gift and should surely be respected. But have we ever thought about giving something back to the society, to the world where we currently live, to the place which has been gifted to us due to our good Karma? Why not make this world a better place, a land where no one is deprived of their dreams to see themselves up on the top.

There are a certain few amongst us, who in spite of having the necessary acumen and the much needed heart to progress in life and gain success, are forced on a back foot due to certain aspects thus hindering their path towards enlightenment and depriving them of the education and knowledge that we all are a part of.

The youth power that we have in India, can surely stand shoulder to shoulder with the advanced nations of the world and we have heard a lot along these lines from all over the world. In-spite of traveling on the path to achieving great economic success, we still lag behind in certain aspects, Education being the foremost concern for a modern India. A land where a youngster has to drop out of college simply due to lack of funds and proper amenities is a stigma upon the whole country which boasts of premiere multi-million dollars corporate houses and individuals who have made a great mark all around the globe. It is we, who need to take a step forward and stop that young person from dropping out of college simply because he or she cannot afford the books, or lacks proper directions to drive his/her career towards to a certain goal.

· Dr. Abdul Kalam: “The resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation.”
· Nandan Nilekani (On problems faced by India currently): “I think the lack of education, I think there are a lot of young people who are not getting good schooling. Today the right of education is going to be the key for next 20 years.”
· L K Advani: “Let’s Empower Young India to Build Stronger India.”
· Sonia Gandhi: “If we achieve our objective, many thousands of young men and women will receive the benefits of higher education. They would be in a position to contribute to the development and progress of the country.”

Quality and Affordable Higher Education for Youth is the most important piece of the puzzle towards building a strong Nation.

With this concept, heart and a dream of our own, Point10 comes forward to you, through which, hands can come forward to reach out to such students who in-spite of having the correct number of intelligent cells in their brain, are not able to fulfill their dream of moving forward through college and higher education, either due to lack of books, equipments, facilities or simply lack of support and guidance. Through Point10’s various other mediums, one can surely choose his/her strongest quality and put it to good use to help the needy students.

With this note, we, the team at Point10, hereby call upon all the responsible citizens to come forward and help us, help the students and above all help your own self, to join hand in hand and embark upon a journey of changing how the word Education is referred to in India and thus make a mark, either small or big. Remember, we are just a medium, it is you who needs to be the savior.

Our Visions:

Point10Solutions: The parent portal, bringing together every aspect of a student’s life from Books to Education, from Projects to Jobs. This is the Point10Way of saying that we care.

Books10: A portal to help the needy students procure help and support for their continuing education through books from seniors and other students who are willing to help.

More Details: Click Here

Jobs10: A portal to help the fresh graduates or students amidst their college studies procure part-time jobs and projects to work upon, even while managing to finish their education.

More Details: Coming Soon

Projects10: A portal to help students interact, come forward with their ideas and a medium for the experienced professionals to help these students gain practical exposure to real-world projects while continuing their education. Innovation is the key.

More Details: Coming Soon

Education10: A portal to discuss, blog, post and talk about either a needle or a Boeing 747. Not just another social networking site, but a premiere Educative Networking medium.

More Details: Coming Soon

We look forward to a pleasant collaboration and your valuable support to help us bring our dreams to reality.

Best Regards

Point10Solutions Team


  1. Hello.
    This sound perfect. and also give the perfect voice of point 10 vision.

  2. jatin and team congrates..a good beginning is half done..and i am sure jese jese aage badhte jaoge.karava badhta jayega..

  3. gr8 work buddy... India needs Leaders like You.... Keep it up....
    Best wishes,
    Harsh Morbia.

  4. Hello Jatim this is Prakash
    Go Ahed and win the world

  5. i want to be work with u bcz i like ur dreams & i also want be do something advance