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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Updates - July 2009 !

Point10 Solutions Team members have been going through a lot of activities trying to get everything together in one place and keep the vision on track. Long nights, email follow ups, phone calls, working on articles and more importantly trying to reach people and thus promote Point10 requires a lot of pain, dedication and perseverance, and of-course patience to see the fruits of such a hard work ripen and pay off.

Well to update the avid followers of Point10 following are two of the most recent positive updates that we have received and would like to share them with the community:

(A) FYSE Requesting Nomination of Point10Solutions
FYSE, which stands for, The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship, is into the activity of identifying, motivating and pursuing young entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific division thus nurturing them and their ideas for the future.

FYSE is organizing the Asia Pacific Future 100 Project (Click Here for Details), and has requested Point10Solutions to file for their nomination due to our group's positive social responsibility type portals. Also as Point10 could fall under the young entreprenurial organization, it makes us eligible to participate in this project of FYSE.

For more details:
FYSE Website: Click Here
FYSE Blog: Click Here
The Jury: Click Here

(B) NRAI (News Online) Collaboration with Point10 Team
News online, a bilingual news portal, has shown their interest to setup a team consisting of members from the Point10 group and their own NRAI group to cover certain activities in Gujarat. This comes as a great boost for all the students who are a part of Point10 and have their eyes set in the domains of Journalism, Mass Communication Management and Technology.

These kind of contributions would serve as a backbone in making the Education10Project of Point10 a reality and to take it forward. This collaboration would take place between Point10, NRAI and Radiance Media, and would serve as a great platform to promote Point10 and in a way help all those who professionally would be involved with different members of these groups in setting up their base in Gujarat. Not only people involved in this activity would get a chance to tone up their journalism skills, but they would also get a chance to interview the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi.

For more details:
NRAI (News Online) Website:Click Here
Radiance Media Website: Click Here

As always, Point10Solutions Team has been working round the clock in realizing their dream and shaping it to reality.
We look forward to your conitnuing support and the team is thankful to all those who have responded with their valuable suggestions and comments.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

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