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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 !

What is your Target ??

The world is changing faster than you think. Newer trends and technologies emerge faster than you can imagine.

Come lets explore this ever changing world of Information Technology !

Be Aware. Be Prepared.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 is the Student-Awareness Endevour organized by Point10 in assoication with Xcellon Institute.

It brings together Professionals and Educationist from across the IT Industry to share their insights to prepare students for the future.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit – 2009 would cover topics ranging from Whats hot in IT world, Web 2.0, ERP, Computer Networking, Database Management Systems, Computer Security, Animation, Management in IT driven businesses and many more.

It would also provide an opportunity to Final Year students to enroll into Point10 – Campus Internship Program starting from Jan 2010.

Event Details:

Date: 22nd Nov 2009, Sunday

Time: 11.00 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: Xcellon Institute, Shrimali Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, India - 790503.

Target Audience: Final and Pre-final year IT/CE , MCA, MSc (IT) or anyone who would like to make a career in Information Technology.

Contact Person: Jatin Chaudhary ( +91 98983 21883)

Registration Form : Please visit

We do not charge any Fees from students for sharing our knowledge, but we expect quality people to attend this Summit.



Point10 is a company started by 1st Gen Entrepreneurs with Exp. from Yahoo,Microsoft,HP, Infosys, Motorola, Cisco etc for building a platform to bring every aspect of students’ life from Books to Mentorship, From Projects to Jobs without charging even a single paisa from students. Fore more detailed information kindly visit:

Xcellon Institute :

Xcellon Institute is an Education initiative of the founders of a global pharmaceutical company. Xcellon institute offers various programs in Management and healthcare which are unique in terms of their pedagogy and academic delivery. Apart from providing an industry orientation, it also focuses on developing the skills required for a students to become a successful professionals . For more details on xcellon programs kindly

Best Regards,

Team Point10.

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