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Friday, December 4, 2009

Point10 Campus Internship Program - 2010 !

At Point10 , We invite students from the various academic institutions, from management, technical and science, commerce backgrounds. Campus Internship Program fosters a multi-cultural environment within the organization. We also benefit from the diverse perspectives of a best-in-class talent pool.

As part of the Team Point10, you will realize your potential, while working on various High-impact Technology Products and high-quality customer-facing projects. You will be exposed to new and emerging technologies and business opportunities.

Internships are available @ Point10, Ahmedabad in Software Development Group ( Point10 Flagship Portals development, Mobile Applications, Innovative Business Applications, Web 2.0 etc.) and Business Consulting Group ( Market Research, Biz Development Consulting to SMEs, Marketing Campaigns, Cleantech Industry etc.) Projects during internship represent the core practices of Point10.

During internship training, you will enhance your leadership and communication skills, as well as get specific technical training to make sure your internship is a success! Throughout your internship, there will be additional training sessions available, focused on key skills and knowledge for your success in the profession.

Top 10 benefits @ Point10 Campus Internship Program - 2010 !

1. Explore Career Opportunities - By working in the field you have chosen, you can receive an inside look at your potential career path.
2. Find Mentors - They can inspire you to meet challenges and achieve success.
3. Work on Latest technologies and understand new business models.
4. 1 day a week to work on your own Idea.
5. Friendly Environment- We have a official CEO , Chief Entertainment Officer in Point10 :-)
6. Chance to win various Point10 Accolades ( Point10 Champion of the Week , Point10 Leader of the Month, Point10 Best Presenter etc.)
7. Rs. 1K travelling allowance to all full time Interns.
8. Leadership Sessions with Industry professionals every week.
9. Schedule Flexibility - Internship Program runs through the year, to suit academic calendars, Internship assignment ranges from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.
10. For successful interns, a full-time offer of employment @ Point10.

If you are interested in the Internship Program then please send across your Curriculum Vitae, and a general statement of purpose to indicate why an internship is being sought, and what is expected from the experience and areas of interest. The CV should be sent to:, and

To know more about Point10 kindly visit :

Best regards,

Team Point10.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 - Update !

It is rightly said, all that begins well, is surely going to end well, or shall we say, in Point10's case, all that has begun well, will hopefully continue to get better and better with each passing work week. This past weekend and more or less the last two weeks has seen Point10 Team members spring into action towards a successful launch of Technology Summit.

Our first public event was held on 8th Aug, which provided the platform for professionals to come forward and propagate the ideology of revitalizing how the education ecosystem can be transformed for the well being of the students by distributing books to needy/talented students. It basically showed the ETHICAL side of Team Point10, wherein we young funded needy/talented students’ education.

But we want our Youth to be Professionaly Competent as well. So to take our initives to the next Level we have created a platform to bring together Professionals and Educationist from across various industries to share their insights to prepare students for the future.

We were also very privileged to have a right startegic partner, Xcellon Insitute for our Student- Awareness initiatives.

The Xcellon Way : At Xcellon, education goes beyond giving facts and knowledge. We believe that management is a way of thinking and hence we focus on developing the key mental processes that enable a person to excel.

Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009

A big hall of Xcellon Institute, filled with 125+ students of various Engineering colleges from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mehsana, Baroda, Surat, Bhuj etc; along with 10+ professionals discussing on the surge of new Emerging IT Trends in the world and how students can prepare themselves for ever-chaning world of Information Technology.

On the 22nd of Nov’09, Point10 with the association of the Xcellon Institute, had organised the Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 with the motto of revitalizing education Eco-system and providing a new platform to the students of Gujarat. Various Professionals and Educationists from across the IT Industry with exp. From Yahoo, Sun-Microsystems, Infosys, Cognizant, iCUBIX, Radix Technologies etc were present to share their insights to prepare students for their future.

The delegates present were hardly people above the age of 30!!! This is what the India’s Gen Nxt is on to!!! The youth of our country, which represents 50 per cent of our population, is full of opportunities to make India competitive in the globalised world.

The summit was started by Mr. Jatin Chaudhary, CEO’s keynote regarding the Theme of the summit ( Be Aware. Be Prepared.)and on why one should work on something which they love doing.

Mr. Kunal Chaudhari ( VP – SDG @ Point10 ) and Mr. Kartik Iyer ( Mentor - BCG @ Point10 ) , explained the students on Emerging IT trends i.e. Web 2.0, ERP, Intelligent Systems and the importance of “OUT OF BOX” thinking in software development.

Mr. Puneet Thariani ( Mentor – Design Group @ Point10) talked about the importance of a UX ( User Experience ) and User friendly Design.

Mr. Pratik Mistry ( Technology Mentor @ Point10 ) explored the very important and relevant technology buzzwords ERP and DBMS giving the basic knowledge to the students.

Mr. Roopesh Madan, Vice President – IT,Finance @ Claris Lifesciences, talked about the various careers that IT students can pursue and which they were unaware of.

Mr. Umesh Solanki ( Mentor – Communications Skills @ Point10 ) described the importance of being multitasker. He said that one should not only go for specialization in just a single IT field. According to him, IT is not just adding labels to your already booming file of degrees. Students should try to be a Technologist along with acqurirng specialization in various fields.

Bhaumik Vasani, a 3rd Sem BE (IT) Student from CHARUSAT CHANGA, was awarded the Point10 Leader of the Month for his wonderful,informative research on Cleantech Industry.

Lastly Team Point10 talked about Point10 –Campus Internship Program 2010 available for finaly year students.

All sessions were highly interactive with lots of students taking part into conversations and at times asking tricky questions to the speakers. This shows the quality of students we have , its just that they are not exposed to the external world as they should be.

All the Participants were awarded with certificates and guests were honoured with a token of thanks.

The summit ended with a clear notion to the people “BE AWARE. BE PREPARED.”

There was a time when 10 by 10 meant 100%, perfection, A+, something to strive for but mostly never to achieve. Conclusively, the Point10-Xcellon Technology Summit - 2009 was one such effort by Team Point10 to strive towards perfection.

This is just the start... their are still many more of it to come.

Coming Soon : Cleantech Summit, Healthcare Summit, Electronics Summit, Communications Skills workshop etc.

Best regards,

Team Point10.